©️2019 David Mei

Red is the color of my love’s Ginger mane

Red is the color her nipples turn when suckled under the afternoon sun

Red is the color of her nether lips after a playful romp in the woods and fields of Door County

Oh for an endless summer.

And Red is the color of my cock after being worshipped and adored by someone I love, My Ginger Kitten, my Babygirl.

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Blindfolded, gagged, grabbed from behind….

A three word prompt from a friend……

Blindfolded, bound, grabbed from behind

David Mei © 2016

You walk into your home, returning from a trip.

You flip the switch and no lights come on.

The door slams and before you can act, scream, or do anything, your arms are pinned . An arm through your elbows from behind. A cloth hood is pulled over your head and a belt is cinched over your mouth so you can’t scream.

No words are spoken.

Strong hands hold you. Your hands are bagged and cinched so you can’t grab or claw.

Another belt is drawn through your elbows so you are immobilized.

Your heart is beating at two hundred beats a second.

You are gasping for breath, and realize that the fabric over your head is black and in the darkened room you are blind.

Your captor hasn’t spoken.

Your fast breaths suck the cloth against your nose and mouth.

The strong scent of Man. Musky, earthy scents, a clean healthy man with a hint of lust.

A chair presses up behind your legs and you are belted to the back.

The cinch on your elbows is removed.

You aren’t going anywhere and you can’t scream.

There is nothing to kick out against.

A rope replaces the cinch at your elbows.

You can feel several bights of the rope being laced around your elbows then the rope being encircled by itself and it sounds like tying.

Once tied the assailant is heard moving around you and the chair, sizing you up.

The heels of his boots drum the floor in a steady walk as he surveys his prey, you.

The bag is removed from your hands, the belt replaced by ropes.

Your hands are body width apart, positioned by the tie around your elbows.

One, two, three bights are wrapped around your wrists then the rope wrapped by itself making a secure bind and handle.

Strong hands grab the v-neck of your shirt and rip.

Th flick of a knife opening and your bra is sliced off your body to be replaced by the feel of hemp ropes.

Around your neck, under each breast and back up and around your neck.

Rope encircles your chest, wraps around each breast. Knots are tied at your cleavage separating each globe.

Lines travel around your abdomen.

A corset of rope is formed around your waist. Your breathing is slightly restricted.

You sit up straight and tall from the support of the rope corset.

The corset along with the rope around each breast has your tits pointing straight out.

Your nipples can’t resist hardening.


First one tit is slapped


Its mate is slapped

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap…..

Each breast is methodically slapped until pink and tender.

Sensitized your nipples are then tortured by clamps being placed on each nipple.

You can feel a weight against your chest from a ball hanging from a chain connecting your nipple clamps.

You moan slightly into your gag.

The gag is getting moist from breathing through the fabric.

The sensations are excruciating and wonderfully stimulating all at the same time.

This assailant is playing your fantasies.

You wonder where is it going next?

More rope is played through one side and then the other of the rope corset.

One knee then the other is raised and tied to the corset holding you open.

Your skirt rises revealing your naked pussy and ass.

“Hmm no panties…..”

Your assailant finally utters as he appreciates what he sees.

Rope is wrapped around each thigh and then the wrap is wrapped to firmly secure each leg.

Legs are up and open.

Inquisitive fingers slide along your bald pussy, pinching lips, sliding up and down the length of your slit, assessing your wetness.

You are wet.

If you wore panties they would be damp.

The fingers are replaced by a tongue.

An experienced tongue that licks, a mouth that sucks, fingers that probe and take you to the edge but then stops.

Padded clamps are placed on each lip of your cunt and chains lightly pulled to open your love orchid.

You hear the click of a phone camera and know that pictures are being taken.

The feel of lubricated cold stainless is against your ass and cunt.

At one time both your cunt and ass are probed by what feels like a stainless butt plug and connected dildo.

Rope strands are positioned so the foreign objects remain within you.

The chair is tilted back and pulled across the floor.

The click of steel on steel and the plug and dildo are pulled as one upward and held in place.

Carabiners click on corset and the rope harness on each leg.

There is the sound of a ratchet and you are lifted into the air, suspended spread open, plugged.

The hum of a hitachi starts and you feel strong vibrations played against the steel plug and dildo combination.

Exquisite sensation starts a familiar warm build.

The clamps on your nipples are released and the blood flowing back is pain and pleasure all at once.

The vibrator on steel has your hips swaying slightly and you start to swing a little from the suspension.

The vibe is removed just as you start to climb towards a peak.

So close but so far.

The material on your head is ripped and a blindfold placed over your eyes before you can see what is going on.

The belt over your mouth is released and the fabric falls away.

A peppermint coated latex dildo is forced between your teeth and holds your mouth open as a dental dam is positioned to hold your mouth open. The pepperment oil is hot but tastes like a strong candy cane. Christmas will never taste the same. The false cock is slid back and forth through the dental dam. Easily moved, just near the back of your throat to be annoying but not enough to choke, the phallus is bound in place.’

Your head is lowered so your ass is up.

The hitachi is bound to your clit and turned up high as a belt is taken to your ass.

Each slash of the belt illicits a scream that is stifled by the false cock.

The pain of the belt

The pleasure of the vibrator

The fullness of ass and cunt and mouth.

New clamps with weighted balls are attached to your nipples pulling your breasts apart.

The belting continues as the vibrator has you hitting peak after peak.

The cock is removed from your mouth so you can gasp freely for air.

Orgasm after orgasm racks through your body as the Hitachi is turned up even higher and you scream!

And as you cum again and again the Hitachi is suddenly turned off and removed.

Your head is at crotch level and as you gasp for breath a real cock slides through the dam and starts fucking your mouth.

In and out and in and out hot flesh is against your tongue.

In and out and in and out you feel that cock at your core as the plug assembly is slid in and out of ass and cunt.

Gods your climbing again as he uses your mouth but before he starts to thicken he pulls out and stiffles your cry of “NO!” with the peppermint cock.

Your head is raised and the metal removed from your cunt and ass.

The clamps are released on your nipples and a cold wet mouth sucks and flicks first one tender nipple and then the other.

Ice is rubbed over the hot abused nipples.

The water trickles down your breasts and into the ropes.

Cool relief that is momentary before your tits are slapped again and again, then sucked.

Sucked, then slapped, slapped then sucked.

The cock that was in your mouth is now fucking you as his mouth and hands tease and slap your tits.

In and out

In and out

Slap and suck

Slap and suck

In and out

In and out

Slap and suck

Slap and suck

You are going crazy and he sucks with his cock inside you until you are coming from the attention paid to your nipples

and he pulls out.

He must be going nuts not coming.

His mouth covers your clit and he sucks and flicks your clit with his tongue as his fingers slide in and out of your ass and cunt.

He pulls fingers out of your cunt and rubs your gspot with the fingers in your ass.

His free slick hand is squeezing and slapping your ass as he sucks and flicks your clit.

You can tell he wants you to come again and his fingers fucking, mouth sucking soon has you reaching the next peak.

Your body is shaking. You are swaying in the harness suspended and before you can start coming down his cock is at your back door and probing.

You are open from fingers and plug and his greased cock slides in easily and he fucks your ass.

He pounds you until you are swaying away and slamming back into his cock and balls.

He thrusts and sends you out and away only to have your weight slam back into him again.

He holds onto your thighs and pull out the dildo sliding it into your cunt so he can fuck you in both holes as he pounds your ass the dildo slides in and out of your cunt with him.

Harder and harder, faster and faster until you are crying






And he does.

Harder and faster until he starts to thicken, his cock swelling to half again as thick as it was before and he erupts filling your ass with his hot cum.

Spurt after firm spurt shoots up your chocolate tunnel.

He pulls out and comes around to feed you his cock.

Soft but still long his cock fills your mouth.

Salty yet sweet cum, bitter taste of ass, and sweet musky taste of you combine along with an under current of the coconut butter he used as lube to fuck your ass. All these tastes are wonderful. You suck and lick with abandon as he plays with your breasts and tender nipples. You suck his cock the way you want him to suckle your nipples and he mimics the motion.

You loose track of everything but the feel of his hardening cock in your mouth, his firm hands milking your teats, his hot mouth suckling. His cum dribbles out your ass and drips on the floor. A piece of you can feel and hear the solid drip of his cum on your carpet. His mouth is like your mouth. You suckle his cock and he feasts at your breasts. He suckles like a babe expecting a meal, and for a moment you wish you were lactating to feed his body as well as his soul.

Your nipples are rocks.

His fingers adroitly play between pinching and stroking.

His hungry mouth sucks and flicks your nipple like he sucked and flicked your clit. Your core twinges and responds with a lightening bolt through your system. Another jolt, he bites and you are cumming. Cock in mouth, you suck in rhythm with your orgasm and he hardens. Your body hovers and his hands and mouth leave your breasts. He pulls his cock out of your mouth and lowers you to the floor.

He Unclips you from the overhead and flips you on your knees.

Head down

Ass up!

He grabs the rope handle between your elbows and starts slamming his cock in your cunt from behind, doggie style. He pulls himself into you again and again, faster and faster.

He is a rock within your sloppy chasm and he fills you then leaves you.

His cock fills your cunt then vacates.

“Oh fuck!”

You cry as your abdomen starts to shiver and shake.

He pulls himself in and out.

He reaches beneath touching your clit and you explode.

Shaking and shuddering like an epileptic fit you tremble as his cock plows into you again an again.

“Please!” You cry. Not sure if you want him to stop or to go on.

He pulls out leaving you feeling empty.

He unties your legs and rubs them down bringing blood back into them.

He untied your elbows but leaves your hands bound.

He grabs that tie and pulls you up suspending you from your arms he positions you so your legs are over his arms and his hard rod is fucking you again as he starts to unwrap your rope corset.

He fucks you suspended from your arms.

” Oh Christ!

Oh Fuck!

Oh fuck

Oh fuck” you cry as his cock feels like a fist fucking and pummeling you from within.

You shudder and shake once more and hang limp.

He unites your hands.

Blind folded he lays you on your back

He grabs your tender tits and rubs his cock in and out between your breasts.

He releases the dental dam and feeds you water from a water bottle.

Cool clear water is heaven down your parched throat.

His hands cover your hands

He clasps your hands as his body covers yours and his cock drives into you once more.

His mouth covers yours and his tongue slowly fucks your mouth as his cock slowly fucks you.

You moan your pleasure and as the pleasure builds again he rises up and drives his hips hard fucking you for all he’s worth.

Long deep thrusts

His cock buries deep

Your heels drum a rhythm against his ass and he fucks you at that speed.

“Maria, cum on my cock!” He demands with a growl and miraculously you cum again and again until you pass out.

It must be hours later you awaken covered in his cum.

A thumb drive is on a table by the door. You take a shower to clean off all the body fluids. Afterwards you put the thumb drive in your computer and open the file marked play me.

A video replay of your abduction plays back.

Every luscious detail.

He grabs the camera from time to time and you get his point of view, watching his cock slam into you again and again.

He pans back once his ties are complete and you marvel at the beauty of the rope work suspending you.

Your clamped nipples sends a tingle through you again

The steel hook with dildo and plug is left behind and you marvel at the early scene of him lifting you from that appliance.

The Hitachi is left behind and you turn it on low and play it against your clit as you watch him slap your ass with the belt. It is still tender to sit.

You continue to cum with the images of yourself cumming.

Your biggest orgasm comes at the end when your image passes out, he pulls out and strokes himself to orgasm covering your body with his seed.

You lick your lips remembering the taste as you licked finger after finger of him once you awoke.

The last scene is him leaving the last drop on your lips before he turned off the camera, collected his structure and ropes and left.

The hole he left behind tingles

Your nipples are sore

Your ass will hurt for days

You wouldn’t have given this up for the world

You wonder what he has in store for you next time as you hit replay and watch it one more time….

Another Sunday

Another Sunday ©️David Mei 2019

Oh what a deliciously decadent day today has been.

Sleeping 8 hours.

Then coffee and reading followed by necking and very satisfying sex, more coffee and another round. Our spouses were away on their own weekend trip, the kids were in the basement playing Minecraft. No disturbances until we were ready.

The prodigals returned, i made brunch of French Toast then cleaned up my mess in the kitchen. Chores complete, the Devine Ms. M and I headed to the old house to pick something up. Taking advantage of the empty house for sale, we spent another hour in bliss.

Goddess bless, that woman is insatiable and her lust and desire brings me to attention every time.



David Mei ©️2019

I have found that working on my core has resulted in some wonderful benefits. The ability to hold or perform certain feats in plank is well appreciated by my Lover.

She loves when I get onto my toes and plank while making love. Tip of cock barely inside her gates, slow push ups resulting in slow piston of cock penetrating her cylindrical cunt.

Mmmmmmm, sweet torture.

Slow yoga cobra hip movements set up a gentle rhythm of in and out.

In and out

In and out

Until her heels lock behind my ass and kick. Then my plank moves.

My hands brace on the backs of her thighs and hold her wide open. Pounding hips drive my cock deeper and deeper. Banging her cervix, she moans.

I smile as she chants “Oh God”, over and over and over until I come.

“Oh Christ!” I sigh as I release.

Amazing the religious experience we have in our communion.

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Guilty conscience

Guilt and Forgiveness
David Mei © 2016

It was a simple thing. Simple flirting that developed into lust, but she never acted on it. It was an exciting frission. Causing a tightness in her belly that made her wet. Someone lusted after her. It made her feel desired when things at home were tough. The kids were underfoot. His hours didn’t match up with their alone time. It had been weeks. When your libido is screaming, it was nice to be seen as attractive by someone, anyone.
Now she had this guilt that was keeping her from offering herself to her man. Silly that she still felt guilt, but, guilt non-the-less kept her from what she desired him. Didn’t matter that she had opened up, confessed what didn’t need confessing since nothing happened.
She must atone.
She sent the kids off to their Aunt and Uncle’s for the weekend. She went to the costume shop and found an adult full sized school girl uniform: penny loafers, white knee socks, gray wool skirt hemmed mid-thigh, white button down cotton shirt, dark navy blue cardigan with a school crest on the breast.
She had a couple of hours before he would be home. She made sure his favorite take away was warming in the oven. She went into the park and found a willow branch the thickness of her little finger about a meter long. She took a long hot bath, shaving her legs, and especially her snatch. She wanted to be bare and “innocent” for him. She had been planning her supplication for over a week and the time was here. He knew something was up but he had no clue what was going to be waiting when he came in the door.
She slowly got out of the tub. Dried, made sure that everything was clean and ready for him. She carefully chose an old nearly worn out pair of cotton panties, and a plain cotton bra. Then she put on her uniform and did her hair up in pig tails.
He was due any moment.
She made sure the blinds and curtains were closed. All phones were silenced. She bent over the dining room table with the switch over her broad hips, just above the ass she knew he loved. The key turned in the door. Slowly it opened and he dropped his things at the door. He came in as usual calling “Hello Love!” as he walked into the room. He knew something was up. No kids running to meet him. He turned into the dining room and there she was.
She started getting nervous as she listened to his footsteps walk into the flat. Her knees were shaking as she said, “Sir, I have been a bad girl and need to be punished. I have had impure thoughts and need to be cleansed. I prepared a switch for you and am ready for my punishment.”
Their sex play till now had been pretty vanilla, but she knew he had the potential to be more dominant, to be her master.
He walked into the room and took in the view; the school girl uniform, the way she was bent over the table, her pig tails, and her curvaceous ass beneath the cute pleated skirt.
“Hmm missy, you have been so bad. I’m not sure that a switch will be enough, but it is a start.” He says with a slight chuckle to his voice. He comes up behind her and picks up the switch. He tests it against the palm of his hand, satisfied with its flexibility and size. “Are you sure you are ready Miss? If so assume the position.”
She swallows hard. Lifts her skirt above her hips and lowers her panties below the curve of her ass. She stands knees together, slightly shaking, not knowing what to expect. He strokes the switch against the creamy globes of her ample ass and tells her “count each blow. We will see how long it takes before I am satisfied that you are truly sorry for what you have done.”
Swack! “One!” she cries as the first blow falls and she jerks. He watches the affect, the red welt quickly rise, her shivering increase.
Swack! ”Two!”
He applies blows slowly, methodically across her ass. After four, he moves down her thighs, striping to mid-thigh, somewhere that won’t show in a skirt or shorts. By six she is shaking and she is gasping with each slash of the switch. The pain is momentary, but sharp. She asked for it, and it feels good. She quietly sobs as tears start to trail down her cheeks. Tears that are less about pain, and more about him playing a role that would make her feel good.
Her ass and thighs are red and glowing. She is on her toes by the time she cries out “Ten!”
At ten she is wet, she is anxious and wanting him more than she has for weeks.
“Don’t move.” He commands in a breathy voice. As the switch fell he got harder and harder, realizing that she was submitting herself to him. This was a new game, but one that he knew how he wanted it to end.
He was torn between ripping her panties apart burying his tongue in her ass and asking her to kneel before him. “Kneel”, he commanded. She quickly drops. Her ass is stinging and her thighs burn as skirt and skin touch. She places her hands in her lap and bows her chin to her chest. She is so cute kneeling there. Her ample chest strains against bra and shirt. The cardigan barely hides her cleavage. He smiles at her pouting lips that are swollen from being bitten when the switch came down. Her tear stained cheeks are a temptation. He wants to kiss those tears away but that’s not this game.
Slowly he unzips his pants and stands before her. His cock is rock hard. She tries not to lift her head. He smells musky and manly. She wants him so badly. He grabs her pony tails and pulls her head back till her lips brush against the tip of his cock. “Suck me,” he commands in a low growl. “No hands mouth and tongue alone.”
She complies and slowly flicks her tongue across the head. She opens wide and softly sucks as he slides in. She knows just what he loves and she does it all with hands firmly placed in her lap. A lap that is moist from her heat. She will do whatever he wants. Right now he wants her to suck his cock and that is what she will do. Lovingly, she sucks what she knows is hers. Possessively she hungrily swallows his rod back into her throat until she can’t breathe, then slowly lets it slide out as she gasps around it. In and out she strokes until she feels him start to thicken. His hips start to thrust. He uses her pony tails to hold her head still as he fucks her mouth and just takes his pleasure. Pleasure she freely gives because she is his.
With a final thrust he comes. His cock spurts hard down the back of her throat. Weeks of semen built up. His frustration is released in the load that he pumps again and again. Her abdomen quakes at his desire and release. Hungrily she swallows not wanting to lose a drop. A small orgasm travels through her as he finally stops spurting. She softly sucks. Lightly licking the head, she sits back on her heels and smiles up at him. “Have I been a good girl?” She enquires.
“The finest, now stand up.” He pushes her back against the table and lifts her legs off the floor. He pulls over a chair and sits. “Time for me to be fed,” he says as he throws her legs over his shoulders, and rips her panties to shreds. He pushes her thighs high to bring her anus to his tongue. He licks her ass the way she loves. As she starts to arch her back her hips quiver back and forth. He lets her ass down to lick up her dripping cunt. Lapping up her flowing juices he covers her clit with his mouth and sucks her hard and fast, running his tongue over her nub.
He is in heaven feasting at her mound of Venus. She is in ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure hits. She is nearly oblivious as the waves keep coming. She barely notices when his mouth leaves her clit and he is standing between her legs. Pulling her just off the edge of the table he slides his hard cock into her. He grabs her shirt and rips it open the buttons popping and scattering across the table and floor. He pulls her tits out of the bras cups and pinches her nipples as he strokes hard and fast in and out of her cunt. God this is where he belongs, she thinks as she is filled again and again with his manhood.
She shudders and shakes as she is slammed with another orgasm. “OH GOD!!!” she screams as he slams again and again into her. He rides her quake until she starts to subside and he is slowly stroking in and out of her. He looks her in the eye smiling and steps back to sit in the chair. “Fuck me,” he commands and she knows what he wants.
On wobbly legs she slides off the table and turns to sit back on his erect cock. Hands on her knees she slides up and down his pole in cowgirl. God he feels good. He reclines in the chair to make his cock ride higher. She is so wet she is dripping all over his lap and cock. He doesn’t care. She feels so good and after the last month he is happy to be her cock. Her toy for the moment. she rides and takes them both to the next level. He leans forward and wraps her in his arms. He slowly slides up and kisses her neck and ears. “I’m home babe. Feel me come home,” he says as once again he is filling her with his cream.
Slowly she smiles as she sits back on him, shuddering in pleasure as she agrees.
“Welcome home, Love.” She knows she has atoned.


Sudden Urges

©️David Mei 2013

I want to FUCK.

It isn’t just a nagging urge like it normally is, but a sudden urge that is gnawing at my gut.

Esther walked into my office closing the door, placing a document on my desk. She leans down and the neckline of her scoop neck tee reveals her ample 40DDs. Her knee length skirt rises to mid thigh, and her three inch heeled backless sandals takes her 4’11” height to a point where her waist is right at my desktop.

We have been teasing for years. She is young enough to be my daughter, but her short stocky build, curvaceous torso, athletic tone, blonde hair, and blue eyes, hit all my physical triggers. My cock starts to respond as she leans forward and her hair falls forward. She brushes it back behind one ear and the scent of her shampoo is floral, forcing me to breathe deep. The smell of clean healthy woman fills my nostrils. My eyes involuntarily close as I breathe deep and Esther cocks her head and asks with a chuckle, “Are you Ok David?”

She must know the affect she has on me, she must.

She leans back a little, standing on one foot she plays with her sandal. I notice the curve of her calf as my eye is drawn down to her sandal. It is obvious that she has had a recent pedicure, her toes matching the design and pattern of her very cute shoes. I can only imagine her on her back, on my desk, each of her ankles in my hands; her legs spread wide and me pounding away. I close my eyes, shake the thought from my head, and focus on the document in front of me.

She smiles evilly and asks, “I would like your opinion on a couple of things. First does this read in a logical progression and draw the right conclusions?”

I quickly scan through the document as she sits on my desk’s edge. Her skirt rising, she slowly crosses her legs one ankle over the other as I try to focus on her document.

“This reads pretty good Esther, but can you take it out of the passive voice and make it a more active? If you do that it will reduce your word count, make it clearer, and get your point across.”

“More active? I think I can do that.” She responded as she leaned back on her arms. Using her foot on the inside of my knee she twirls me on my Pilates rolling ball chair. She stops my spin with her foot on the opposite knee. Placing her heel on my desk her skirt falls to her hips, her legs open her trimmed and well shaved pubis is in my face. “Is this active enough, do I have to make myself any clearer?”

With that she reached forward and pulled my head to her crotch.

She was wet. Obviously she had been thinking about sex for a while and had urges of her own that she wanted to fulfill, and who am I to keep her from fulfillment? I ran my tongue along her damp slit relishing her fresh scent and taste. Good, clean, healthy woman, nothing tastes better. As my tongue circles her clit I slide my index finger up and into her. My tongue flicks fast and steady across her hardening clit as my finger flicks back and forth just inside her in the same rhythm.

Shivering she holds my head harder against her crotch and I suck her hard into my mouth, my teeth circling her clit, holding it tightly as my tongue flicks hard and fast as I suck. My finger reaches in and flicks fast rubbing her gspot between my finger and the inside of her pelvis. Her fingers dig into my scalp as she stifles her orgasmic cry biting her full lips to keep the sound from escaping.

I sit back and slowly slide my finger out of her as she catches her breath. “Mmmm, finger licking good,” I say as I suck my finger clean.”

Standing I pull her off the desk and spin her around. I run my hand slowly up her back, up her neck, into her hair line. Gathering her shoulder length hair into my fist I marvel and the silken feel of the fine hair. Slowly I pull my hand back forcing her back to arch, my hips holding her firm against the desk, I whisper in her ear. “Esther, you are a bold and forward girl. You are so bad, wearing no panties, teasing and tempting an old coworker. You deserve a good spanking.” I say while I reach under her tee grabbing a handful of breast and pinching her nipple until she bites her lip once more.

Keeping a firm pull on her hair I step aside to fun my hand up the back of her thighs, pulling her skirt to the small of her back. The twin moons of her well rounded ass are pale white above her tanned thighs. My mouth waters as I fondle her broad ass.


My hand print is red and bright against that pale flesh. The sound is sharp but stays behind the closed door. Her hands on the desk tighten into fists as she prepares for the next blow she knows is coming.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack…

A lighter stroke against her ass, one right after the other I strike until her whole ass is pink and she is standing on her toes.

“Oh god my ass is so hot, fuck me David. Use me…”


I strike hard once more, stepping out of my cowboy boots; I drop my jeans and step between her thighs kicking her feet apart in the process. My hard cock slides up into her juicy wetness hard and fast as I pull on her hair for leverage. Hard and fast I drive up and into her until her mouth gapes.

I want her so badly my cock is rock hard. I feel my little head rubbing against the roof of her vagina. She shudders in pleasure and I want more. I slide out and throw her over my palates ball. Her ass is up high and I spread her ass cheeks, spitting on her anus I rub her soaking wetness from my cock head onto her chocolate hole. Slowly I push.

“Oh fuck, take my ass David, fuck me!”

In one hard fast thrust I’m in to the hilt and bouncing her on the ball beneath me. I grab her elbows and pull myself into her hard and fast again and again. Pounding her over and over until I can’t hold back, I pull out and force her to her knees. Her mouth is hungry and takes me in deep. She sucks hard and fast her tongue swirling my balls as I hold her head hard against my pelvis. My cock twitches and I can feel my come spurt down her throat again and again until I’m drained.

She chokes down my last spurt but doesn’t pull off my cock. She softly sucks and slowly licks my head keeping me hard. I know the top is going to flip as she pushes me back against the Pilates ball and continues to suck me maintaining my erection. She straddles and slowly slides down upon my cock. It’s my turn to be bounced.

Her short legs barely touch the floor as she pushes up and down with her toes. She uses the resilience of the ball to give her the motion she wants as she holds herself steady on my belly. I crunch to watch her fuck me, and run my thumb over her clit to help stimulate her as she fucks.

She rocks her hips and leans back resting her hands on the tops of my thighs. I can’t believe how hard she is keeping me. I watch as the color spreads across her chest and into her face as her excitement and climax builds. Her bouncing is a nice steady rhythm and I bounce up into her as much as she rides me. She is posting on my cock like she is riding a galloping horse. Her thighs clamp hard around me as she starts to come and as she is coming I sit up and rise up putting her on the edge of the desk. Grabbing her ankles I perform the fantasy I had as she was teasing me. Ramming my cock into her over and over, feeling the head of my cock brushing across her gspot with every thrust. Her orgasm rolls from one into another and another. Her thighs are shivering as I spread her ankles and drive into her again and again. Finally I come hard for the second time, pumping a load deep within her.

Esther wraps her legs around my hips holding me tight within her as we finally kiss each other deeply. Our tongues entwining and exploring. Our hands exploring each other’s back and ass as we slowly stop twitching and shivering with our shared climax. Finally, we break for air. Panting with our shared exertions we hold each other tight.

“WOW, just WOW!” she exclaims quietly. “I knew there was chemistry, but I never imagined it would be this good.”

“Oh I knew…” some things are known through age and experience. And sometimes it is good to succumb to sudden urges.

© David Mei 2013

Knotty day

©️2019 David Mei

My tie selection today has colored my mood.



Anchors represent Hope to My Lover and I. Ropes….

Well I’m hoping to be able to do a little rope work tonight. It has been too long since I’ve bound my girl.

Even a simple wrist cuff tied to ankles would be something. And it would allow me unfettered access to all her orifices depending on how I rolled her.

I’ve been a knotty boy, reading a few posts here in WordPress while taking breaks. Surfing on my phone a couple times looking for Shibari inspiration.

Hoping to get home in time for my naughty girl to be awake and ready for some rope time. My Kitten waiting for her Daddy to come home and see how naughtily nautical knotty they can be.


Life has a habit of messing with plans. We were both falling asleep after dinner chores and her husband had read the kids stories. We said goodnight to our spouses and were asleep before 8:30. 4 hours sleep the night before wasn’t enough. 7 hours of sleep and I feel like a new man. Kitten is sweetly sleeping next to me. Let the day begin. Maybe I can make her purr?

I think of her

I think of Her

I think of Her
©️2019 David Mei

With cock in hand, I think of her.
She who gave me this ring.
She who holds my heart as well as my orgasms.

She told me to stroke.
Every hour
On the hour
But not to cum.

She told me to drink plenty of water.
At least three liters throughout the day.
And a pint of pineapple juice as I drive to meet her.

She told me that once inside her home, I should shave, manscape, and shower. Completely cleaning every inch of me inside and out.

Now I stand here naked, cock in hand, stroking away the hour. Her ring on my finger. Waiting
Never wandering
From the thought of what she will do when she gets here.

She will kneel.
And without a single word take me.
She will guck me with her mouth and hand. Pleasuring me to climax.
And in the doing me,
her adoration of my cock
will fulfill her.
Satisfy yet
Her hunger
Her lust

And in the building of her need
I will rise up
I will eat her whole
Until I can take her once more.

Masturbation Monday

Winter Poem

Cold and crisp
David Mei © 2017
It was cold and crisp this morning.
No snow yet, thank the gods.
The stars were clear and bright.
All of Orion was showing, belt sword, torso, and legs.
Don’t get to see that all that often.

It was cold and crisp with a chill that sunk into bones. The air temperature was warmer than when I ran yesterday, but I realized I was warmer on the run because of the sun. Amazing the radiant heat from that ball of gas a million miles away. Amazing that the light from stars even farther than that light up our sky at night.

It was cold and crisp this morning and my brain is on fire with thoughts.

A Christmas Carol

Once again an older story prompted by a follower….

‘Twas the Night before Christmas
David Mei © 2015

Merry Christmas, an acquaintance sent a request with some particulars for a story, so this is what I wrote… about an hour and a half of work, plotted out while on the way to the grocery store…Another two hours of editing…
T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house it is still and quiet. The children finally snug in bed and she places the last wrapped gift under the tree.
Crawling out from under the tree she is grabbed from behind and a piece of duct tape placed over her mouth. More duct tape wrapped around her arms, binding her. He is a huge presence behind her. Easily six inches taller and solid, like a rock with padding. He whispers in her ear “I have been watching you for a while, you are so nice to everyone, caring for others, and I felt you needed a little naughty in your life.”
Bound and gagged she is pushed down on the couch.  She sees that she is being attacked by a mountain bear of a Santa; he appears to be 30 something, broad shouldered, barrel-chested, thick legs and arms. He is wearing a big red fur trimmed coat belted round the waist. A Santa hat tops a head of dark brown curls and he has a close trimmed beard. The coat is open to the belt and he has a fury chest, no shirt. Looking lower he is wearing black engineer boots and trousers that cannot hide how excited he is.
Kneeling he grabs the collar of her flannel night shirt and just pulls his hands apart ripping the fabric like it was paper. Her naked breasts bounce before him and he squeezes them roughly as he sits back on his heels and just looks. Her eyes are huge, staring in disbelief at this mad Santa.
“I have been wanting you for weeks, watching, waiting, and tonight I had to have you and I was not going to take no for an answer.”
He grabs her PJ bottoms and yanks them off. Standing he takes the belt off the coat and lets it fall to the floor. He undoes his pants and his giant cock springs forth erect and powerful. A moan of lust escapes her mouth and he smiles as he hears. He teases the head down her chest, across her belly, and against the moistening fabric of her panty. He starts to poke his cock against her panty pushing the fabric up and into her vagina. It is incredibly frustrating, his cock is so close yet separated, she arches her hips up, and his cock is something that she can’t help but crave.
He likes the look of lust filling her eyes and he pulls a leaf bladed folding knife out of his pocket, flicking the blade open with one hand, two quick cuts an the panties are in shreds. He uses his cock’s head to flip the front down and he is inside in one swift stroke. Not quite ready it is a sharp pain that subsides quickly as his strokes soon have her wet nearly gushing with want.
He is strong and he wraps his arms around her lifting her easily off the couch and fully onto his cock. Deeply he penetrates and she leans into that furry chest whimpering pleasure as he drives in again and again.
“You are a naughty girl aren’t you, so wet and wanting, I think Santa needs to give you a spanking!” he whispers in his deep bass. A voice that rumbles in her chest and she hears it more in her core rather than her ears. He continues bouncing her on his cock as he turns around and sits on the couch.
He lifts withdraws and puts her over his knee. Soft slaps redden her ass. The spanking is something she has craved but couldn’t ask a partner to give it was like this Santa could read her mind.  This is too much like her private fantasy and it is incredibly exciting.  She can’t decide is she getting even wetter from the soft spanking just the way she wanted or his hard cock pressing against her chest as he swats her ass? His legs are just as furry as his chest and he seems as much animal as man with a fur pelt.
He stands up and his lap is soaking wet from her juices and he smells her desire as well as feel it. “God woman you smell like sex personified, I want you so bad.” He says as he lifts her ass and throws her legs over his shoulders so he can eat her pussy. His cock is bouncing against her mouth but the duct tape doesn’t allow her to do what she desires.  She want that man meat in her hungry mouth.
“You taste as good as you smell; do those moans mean you will be a good girl if I remove the tape?” He looks down and sees her nodding.
One swift move and the tape is removed and he goes back to eating you.
As her pussy starts to pulse she gobbles his meat. Licking and sucking as much as she can take into her mouth. She moans in pleasure around his man muscle partly from the expert fellatio being performed on her and partly because of the clean man in her mouth. He tastes like pines and peppermint.
Hard to believe but she loses track of what is going on because her orgasm hits and she gasps in pleasure at the contractions racing through her body. As she convulses he flips her around and plants her on his cock seated reverse cowgirl. His hand around her throat gently squeezing He whispers in her ear,”Fuck girl that was intense, now I am going to squeeze to keep you quiet as you ride my cock and I fuck you from below. Do not scream or wake anyone up. I’m not through with you yet.”
She whimpers her acquiescence and starts to ride up and down but stops when realizing he is pounding at twice her rate. She crouches above his cock and let him pound into her again and again. Fast and hard he soon has her climax building. The wave building is even bigger than the one before and she feels about to pass out when she feels him cum hard and powerful.
She feels each eruption, each vein pulse in his cock, each muscle twitch as her orgasm hits hard and as she starts to come down and catch her breath she blacks out.
Sometime later she awakens, no longer bound, wrapped in a warm blanket. Santa’s milk and cookies are eaten, one left with a bite out of it, and there is a new box under the tree marked with her name from Santa.
Opening it there is a new bra and panty set as well as a nice flannel calf length night shirt with a note.
Next year wear the night shirt and no panties unless you want me to cut them off.
Be just a little naughty this coming year.
Kris Kringle”